60% 0f Body Weight is Fluid~

How to live a healthy lifestyle

How to live a Healthy Lifestyle


How to live a Healthy Lifestyle - There are so many ways to talk about health and maintaining it for living in healthy lifestyle. Think Simply all creatures of this planet must have three vitals to survive such are 1) Sunshine 2) Air 3) Water. Except Sunshine which is from the core of Solar system The SUN, you only can survive few minutes without Air also only can survive few days without Water. You need to find out how important to drink safe and healthy water to maintain body fluid system for living in healthy lifestyle!

1) Living in Stress-Less - healthy lifestyle

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle - live a stressless lifestyleHow to live a healthy lifestyle is not hard subject. It is basic subject for happiness also costless. To find out it, Health could be categorize emotionally, philosophically and biologically. All of categories could bring stresses if it is not satisfied to individual's satisfaction, so stress-less should be justified all ways of categories but most results will impact biological activities that is resourcing out problems of course it is very related each other as for causes but most biological functional activities don't show any symptom until problem reaches very serious and many cases it reaches just before the death, stresses are the most causes whatever reason brings it turns into biological impacts so if you kill stresses every moment, you will be living in healthier lifestyle. As you can find left chart, all kinds of stresses give bad influences to all biological systems.

2)Maintain Body Fluid!

immune system and stresses to explain living in healthy lifestyleFollowing fact that 60% of body weight is fluid, all functional systems such are immune system, metabolic system, circulation system would be based on body fluid system also functional Homeostasis activities would be based on body fluid system. The main purpose of body fluid maintaining should be for boosting all functional Homeostasis activities. Your health and your habits are very closely related so if you want to start living in healthy lifestyle, it needs to diagnose your activities if there is bad habit example: your cook uses too much salt than usual that makes your body intakes more Sodium. If your body fluid system is not maintained this too much na+(sodium), there are many causes possible such like high blood pressure, etc. complications because of intake too much NA+(sodium). What about if you have good habit doing aerobic exercise everyday but intake too much sodium? Because your metabolic activity sweats out and sodium will be dumped out through sweats so results of both cases intake too much salts but one person does exercise and the other person doesn't will be totally different. What I want pinpointing for maintaining is vary depending on individual's living habits. Again keep yourself in healthy never like black or white, it is balancing of what it should be biologically but also emotionally and philosophically such as number one avoid issue is any type of STRESS, be happy that you still have time whatever you can do as you want to do for your life!

3)Diagnose Habits!

immune system and stresses to explain living in healthy lifestyleHow to live a Healthy Lifestyle - Mostly habits are built unconsciously by repeating. You'd better check yourself if you have bad eating, acting, thinking habits. You might not know that you have bad habits for your health. What you are been eating is what you are now so what you are eating now should be what you will be in your future biologically. Your eating habit is the most effective habit to your health specially understanding body fluid system but emotional and philosophical habits are also very impactful because it might be causes STRESSES. If you find any bad habit, change it positively for stress-less but your body still needs aerobic exercise to burn surplus intake nourishment or it will be deposited as fat. simple answer of How to live is healthy lifestyle is total activities of habits, when you can't change habits easily, do opposite act such exercise but minerals and vitamins never can be produced from functional activities such as composing and decomposing except intake from vegetables, fruits. You would know if how important to maintain your body fluid and its base is water, you have to know How important to DRINK more water but safe and healthy water. I am surely emphasizing it will be answer of How to live in "Healthy Lifestyle"!


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