Living in Healthy Lifestyle

Living in Healthy Lifestyle!

There are so many ways living in healthy lifestyle that determines by philosophically and physically following individual's method but biologically won't be different because everyone's biological functional living basics should be same. Among those so many theories, check out scientific theory of Body Fluid System!


We know all creatures of this planet must have vitals such are Sunshine, Air and Water. Except Sunshine which is from the core of Solar System The SUN, Human can be alive only few minutes without air and can be alive only few days without water. Now we know more than 60% of our body is fluid. Hopefully everyone who visits this site understanding Body Fluid System to understand how important maintaining Body Fluid System for living in Healthy Lifestyle.

body fluid system, liquid of bosy

Both charts show detail numbers of each body fluid status. We will do our best to explain simple about it and the first step to know detail relationship between natural drinking water and body fluid is water's functional activities of internal body of inborn instinct. There are so many beverage products we can take but all of it are not work as natural drinking water. Water has three kinds of shape as well as you know Solid(ice), Vaper(steam), Liquid. Inside of body it has two kinds of shape as liquid(hydration) and vapor(exhale). You might hear many times that drink more water will help your health but you might never think about how and why. Both situation either dehydration or over hydration will be causing problems. Most people do not drink enough water than the doctor recommends everyday. To drink liquid beverage won't be same as drinking water, you can find out all details from this website. To understand body fluid system needs to know minerals, hydration, dehydration, homeostasis, immune system together but it is not complicate nor simple so it might be better understand all of those as needed for inborn instinct activities to maintain your health. Only remember that liquid water won't have same shape as H2O as molecule instead of H+ and OH- as the atom shape also need to know electrolyte and pH balance which divide alkaline and acidic. You don't have to know all those facts but if you understand more about details, you will keep in yourself for living in healthy lifestyle to be living in happier lifestyle with your loved family and more.


Pure liquid water(H2O) is not the electrolyte substance so if you set electrical kit as above (a) Nonelectrolyte with pure liquid water, the bulb doesn't work. Now you need to know some substance which is melting into the water such as salt. The electrolyte means when it is melting into the water, it is transforming atom shapes from molecular shape and divided negative ion and positive ion. The chemical formula of slat is NACL which is composed evenly with Natrium(Sodium) and Chlorine. When it is melting into the water, it is separated two atoms with opposite ion each other such a NA+ and CL- so from (a) Nonelectolyte to (b) Weak electrolyte. When you add more salts into the water, it will become (c) Strong electrolyte and bulb will be brighter. Not every substances are working as electrolyte, if you are melting sugar into same kit above, it won't be electrolyte as salts. Both Atoms with opposite ion flow to opposite electric pole such as NA+ moves to negative pole and CL- moves to positive pole so bulb can be on. Many of minerals are working electrolyte inside of body and this is simple presentation explaining electrolyte.

body fluid system, liquid of bosy

You can find out atom percentage status of normal human body from the left chart and you also can find out three atoms are most of weight(93%) and numbers(99%). This chart shows atoms and doesn't show its composing and decomposing for necessary substances inside of body but you should be recognized by atoms and that will help you to understand your body's functional activities. As well as you know you can't stop breathing more than few minutes also you would know your lung takes in Oxygen from the air and exhale carbon dioxide(CO2). From that Human being’s greatest limitation is mortality, everyone wants staying in health life and it can be simple if you understand basic fundamental naturally such the WHO suggests drinking better water will help a lot being alive in healthy lifestyle. It will make you easy to understand that your body contains mostly Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen and from your meal and breathing for every necessities in chemical composing and decomposing of instinctive activities. It is also very important all vital minerals and vitamins which is showing very low percentage atoms of your body. It would be kinds of necessity to keep your body in healthy lifestyle because it never can be composing or decomposing in body organs neither by activities except showing symptoms when it is took in to much either deficiency and most case it brings diseases. Think wisely to take meals as you know about Vitamin C, if you are eating bean, there is no Vitamin C but if you are eating bean sprout, you can take in Vitamin C. Now time many Healthy Lifestyle Chefs are popular as we love healthy gourmet Dishes.

pH Balance

pH is abbreviation of Power of Hydrogen ion concentration showing levels from 0 to 14 and 7 is neutral. You can find from above chart, distilled water is Neutral also Nonelectrolyte. You also can find bottom of the chart Acid(H+) and Alkaline(OH-) which are showing atoms but water molecule as electrolyte. Distilled water won't contain any substance so there is not ionized atoms so can't measure hydrogen ion concentration means Neutralized. There are many misleading stories(theories) about Acidic and Alkaline following people's habit treating issues as Black and White even though it is not proven such is Acidic is not good for health than Alkaline. Before you do misleading of fact, do not getting into black or white. Both Acidic and Alkaline substances are must be exist and cooperate within Homeostasis system to maintain Immune and all other systems in shape of Fluid. As most healthy clean spring water's pH balance is weak alkaline such as 7.35 - 7.45, your body fluid must be kept 7.35 - 7.45 pH balance. body fluid system, liquid of bosyAs you can find your blood pH balance should be 7.3(not much allowance rate) compare stomach acid(HCL) is 1 of pH balance. What I am emphasizing is we must keep in balancing fluid's pH balance as it is needed for its activities such all different fluids have different pH balance levels as you can check left chart. This chart shows only about Digestive way which doesn't show metabolism which are circulation system, internal secretion system such are bloods, enzymes, hormones following the first chart of this page. What is hard to understand to not biologic profession will be thought all functional activities of inside digestive organs are external activities of body. You should think your digestive organs from your mouth to anus as a tube. Whatever meals you chow and swallow, it is still exist outside of your body until it is digested for ingestion. It might be hard to understand because you can't imagine after you eat meals but it doesn't matter how it works instead of that is matter what you are eating daily and everyone has different habits, favorites which are very influence to each part of body fluid's pH balance And more important to understand is all of those activities are working in shape of electrolyte fluid. You don't have to remember or understand all above explanations if you keep in mind these three major rules of BODY FLUID SYSTEM! such are

1) FLUID BALANCE The amount of water gaining each day equals to lost.
2) ELECTROLYTE BALANCE The ions gaining each day equals to lost.
3) ACID - BASE(alkaline) BALANCE Gaining hydrogen(H+) each day is offset of their loss.

Waste from All Kinds of Functional Activities

Many people know what should do for living in healthy lifestyle but they can't break their habits against it. You may have experience aerobic exercise. it is adequately burning oxygen and there are many ways to do it exceeding more powers mostly tightening up metabolism. Let's turning focus for easier explanation biologically. We already talk about Human can't survive more than few minutes without air which is breathing inhale for oxygen and exhale for carbon dioxide with vapor water. Body burns carbons(C) for energies to do every moves you and your body need and it remains produces wastes such as CO2 but not as simple as you think and those activities are done in electrolyte. If you understand 60% of you weight is fluid and your body is secreting more than 10 liters fluids into digestive organs and take in with digest nourishments everyday, you have to know how important drinking water is! There are so many miracle water wells on this planet which I am not against but also not with it because it may right by physically, spiritually, philosophically Not Biologically. You can check one of it below.

Miracles of Lourdes

Maintain Body Fluid System

body fluid system, liquid of bodyAll kinds of scientific technologies tremendously improved specially last century. After Human Genome Project(HGP), biological improvement information moved few steps ahead for conquering human diseases and staying in health is mostly depend on individual's health system. Medical Technologies will keep in developing much better way to heal diseases but healing means after sickness is came so in fact it doesn't mean living or staying Healthy Lifestyle. I am sure if you are good taking care your fluid system, you can live in much better healthy lifestyle if so everyone does same way, countless medical expenses can be used to help many people such as drinking water problem to Africans. As World Health Organization( publishes many drinking water related issues that describes drinking safe water will reduce not even only waterborne epidemic also individual's health. It is very simple way as if you eat healthy food, you will be staying healthier, Assorting healthier food is no need education because it is already became normal common sense but if you want to refresh it again 1) No Instant Foods 2) Organic Products 3) Without Chemical adds 4) Fresh Water, easy way to explain is avoiding unnatural or synthetic. The priority to maintain fluid system is for Metabolism through Homeostasis. Immune System should be maintaining on healthy body fluid system to defense from any kind of attacks. Keeping the best condition of all your body systems start from best maintaining your body fluid system.

body fluid system, liquid of bodyEveryone's life starts with breathing and after lifespan it legally diagnoses as the death when breathing is finished. Breathing is an instinct for survival, we don't need to learn how to breath and we have many kinds of instinct such are digestive functions, excretion functions etc. As well as it does its best to maintain body for staying the best condition. The functional activities that wants to keep individual's body at the best condition always is Homeostasis. Between Organs of human body need serious cooperation with intensive communication and all communications are done with chemical-signals through nerve system as brain-works as we knew other brain of our body and anyhow somehow all internal activities are connected to the cerebellum and assumes to whole body information.

Most habits are affected Health bad way or good way also it can be adjusted if you know it is needed for maintaining better health. What you should know that is doing everyday to digest is metabolic fluid circulation. As you should know now as more or less 40 liters of water is 60% of body weigh and body does hydration, dehydration for composing decomposing in liquid shape of electrolyte constantly following Rules of Body Fluid System, 1) FLUID BALANCE The amount of water gaining each day equals to lost. Human body secretes 10 liters per day and reintake most of it. As You know now, your body fluid must be kept pH balance 7.35 - 7.45 and for that your Homeostasis system intake Mineral from possible substances and it could be any part of your body from active or solid. It never can be said either ACIDIC, ALKALINE is good or better, As you can find above body needs strong acid(example; stomach acid is pH2 Acid) also Alkaline but body fluids must be kept pH 7.35 - 7.45 balanced. 2) ELECTROLYTE BALANCE The ions gaining each day equals to lost. It is such Yin and Yang definition that human body is balanced positive and negative ions. As I explained above Electrolyte, the pure H2O doesn't flow electricity which +(plus) and -(minus) are moving to opposite ion for energy but following separately. You won't need to fully understand these complicate theories. Let's think very simply about fluids of water. Its molecular formula H2O and it won't let electricity flow through unless there is +(plus) and -(minus) ions are added to H2O such as electrolyte. The example of it is melting salt into the water that salt(NACL) molecular is separated to atoms of NA+(positive ion) and CL-(negative ion). Inside of body include fluids works of organs, H2O also does not working as molecular shape. It is working as atom shape with ions as H+ and OH- with many substances and it must be kept balance of ions. 3) ACID - BASE(alkaline) BALANCE Gaining hydrogen(H+) each day is offset of their loss. Because pH shows and determined by activities of hydrogen, H+ balance is important. It is also related hydration and dehydration. When imbalance pH of body fluid system, homeostasis does its best to keep pH balance and many times when body fluids need to be alkalized to keep balance, it is offset minus ions from the body mostly minerals to keep pH balance and its effects can course problems!

My Conclusion for Living in Healthy Lifestyle

You can't turn every matters focusing to health neither pointing to health. The worst enemy of health is STRESS, so if any activity to keep in staying better health makes cause of stress, it won't help your system to stay better health so you should stop doing it being stressed. What my tactic for Live in HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is Boosting Immune System through Homeostasis System mostly intake healthier electrolyte alkaline meals and water. The most natural spring water is +/- 7.3 pH balance similar to body fluid pH balance but because of we are eating much acidic meals and/or beverages than alkaline, body needs more base to neutralize keeping body fluid's pH balancing. It doesn't mean Acidic Meals and Beverages are poison, our body also needs acid such as amino acid, what I am explaining is most functional activities such are composing, decomposing, hydration and dehydration are being in body fluid system of weak alkaline. Example; When you takes food it should be chewed and while you are chewing it should be mixed with your Saliva which contains Amylase Enzyme(help digestion and breakdown food). pH balance of Saliva 6.5 - 7.5 is vary following everyone's body health status to produce enzymes and body fluid system. When food is arrived Stomach, it will meet other secretions of stomach acid(HCL) and pepsin(enzyme) but What I am explaining is neither digesting procedure nor what it is. As I mentioned already from mouth to anus is Tube which can explain different kind skins doing different works for digesting so before body does intake nourishment, it is outside of body and during digestion body secretes about 10 liters of fluid and intake back body fluid system, liquid of bodyfollowing major body fluid rules that I explain above. You don't need to know detail activities but you should understand fluid secretions for digesting are vary from strong acid to weak alkaline also it doesn't intake as same as it is secreted. You need to categorize Digestion Activities that activates inside of digesting tube(from mouth to anus) but OUTSIDE of BODY. Now you should know your digest organs work seriously with body fluid system. You don't need to study complicate biological theories and activities but understand body fluid system will help to set your living in healthy lifestyle habits. Human body produces wastes many ways and it is delivers through body fluid system and Homeostasis system maintaining body fluid pH balance, when body fluid system need hydrogen homeostasis system will be offset from any possible system(such from blood, bone) also following electrolyte rule for ions. There are many ways to dump wastes out of body by urine through kidney and/or hairs, skins but in a case of it is not dumped following as it is acidic, for neutralizing pH balance of fluid system, it need to be deposited somewhere of the body and it can be causes of problems. Whatever pH imbalance(too much or too lack acidic/alkaline) will bring out symptoms before occurs diseases. I am going to write all details about controlling better health for living in Healthy Lifestyle specially about water to The Planet of Water( blog. It is the best and cheapest way to start living in healthy lifestyle is DRINKING more Water but safe and healthier water, if you are drinking tap water, use any kind of filtering device to filter debris that mostly from old water pipes if facility is too old. Drink mineral water would help body fluid system.

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